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Thank you for suggestions.

The 1) and 2) are one-key selectable, do you really want to remember these settings between sessions?

Hint: if you use FRV as viewer, while file browser is another program (Windows explorer, for example), you may use 'Run single program instance' option. In this case, double click in Win.Explorer will not open new FRV window, but new file name will be passed to existing FRV and all settings (RGB, OE/UE) will be preserved.

The 3) is more interesting. Yes, for UniWB users it is better to move UniWB to common WB list (Auto/AsShot/...) to be switchable by 'W' key and selectable in dialogs you mention. For other users (about 99%, I guess) UniWB is not useful at all. Looks like we need some 'advanced' setting for 1-% of UniWB shooters.

Added to TODO.