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> Hint: if you use FRV as viewer

yes, that's the point

> you may use 'Run single program instance' option.

which I do, but I still close/reopen FRV very very often and it seems that to have some general option in UI code to have your selections (like all of them, really) persistent is quite useful... I always use OE indication = ON, so even if it is a single key press it bothers because I have to press several keys all the time to switch to my preferred mode (which is for example OE = ON, display = BW... and that was by the way the reason why I tried to use the BW mode for cameras w/o CFA and run into aliasing artefacts @ certain magnification - because that option was persistent, alas aliasing ruined the day)... and note that having an option to preserve selections between sessions does not infringe on preferences of other people, because it is an option (so you might not use that option).