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1) We use updates site to upload updates for our (closed) beta team. 0.9.4 is not 'secret', anyone allowed to download and use it, but this is not production-grade software and intended to our beta team. When 0.9.4 becomes 'public' verision (2-3 weeks, I hope), it will be announced on site and added to updates notification system.

2) Our color management solution is GPU based, so it should work fast. It eats less GPU resources than focus peaking mode. It is not finished yet, we just found a bug related to selected NVidia GPUs in some very specific mode.

3) Interface presets.  It is contr-intuitive to change XMP-window buttons to do anything else than assigning rating/label to image.

For keyboard/mouse shortcuts you may re-assign keys as you wish, save key assignments in text file (Save button in keyboard shortcut editor), than load and re-use.

4) E-mailing, Facebook publishing, JPEG rendering and so.

Definitely not in 0.9-1.0-version. We're focused on unique features present only in FRV (such as over/under exposure detection based on raw data, not jpeg rendering) and do not want to lose focus before FRV-1.0 release



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team