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I'm afraid I don't understand this reply, or what 'requests' it is a reply to.

1) High contrast curves are now there and I have congratulated you on them.

2) I am at a loss to know what this means. I had commented that it would be good to be able to set a default to the EV adjustment on the bottom bar to default to something other than zero, as in most cases, even having set the 'saturate up to' to zero, my pictures look better with an EV of -0.25 or even -0.5. This is purely a practical thing for me, and nothing to do with how the curves work! I find I frequently need to click the '-' button for my picture to look good. If I could set the default to 0.25 and I had only to occasionally click the '+' button to return it to zero there would be less button clicks and more efficiency. Using the 'Keep manual Exposure Correction for next file' does go so far to automating this but 2 clicks rather than one are then needed to alter it. Once to change it for a picture and a second to return it to 'my' default after moving on to the next picture.

While I totaly agree with another of your comments, that "if I change something in FRV, I definitely do not like to re-do it in Lightroom" for me this is secondary to being able to quickly make adjustments in FRV that are sufficient to show the potential of pictures when compared to others from a shoot. The fewer clicks to get the pictures into this state (and stay there when moving backwards and forwards through them) the faster I can decide which are then best and worth keeping and then move them over to Lightroom for detailed optimisation.