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1) The bottom bar 'space' is more likely 'EXIF data' space (not filled with data yet, because we switched to new EXIF code and have not updated bottom bar EXIF code).

Also, fitting code is pessimistic about space, because some users use 'large fonts' in windows and very long file names. So, some space may remain unused. If you do not use long names, or large fonts, switch to 'always show' for bottom bar items you really need.

2) WB presets are split in two groups:

 a) upper four (As shot, daylight, tungsteen, auto), that present for most cameras.

 b) other presets, different for different cameras. These presets are extracted from file EXIF (for most cameras, except Nikon). The preset names may be very long, so not fit to control.  Daylight FL 6000K - is preset, extracted from exit data and describes 6000K fluorescent lamp.

Again, It is possible to reserve more space for this dropdown,  but users with small screens become unhappy.

3) Yes, curves are still global. I'll notify you when we do something new with curves. Definitely not in nearest week or two.

4) I agree, 'clear label' should be [X] too.

The box round is reserved for read-only state:  if you select readonly XMP, the box border is bright or not if the label is set (or not), while interior is not bright.

5) This is a bug: menu labels is not updated when XMP label style changes. To be fixed. Thanks. (I do not use FRV menu at al, so missed at testing).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team