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Here my feedback to the new version 1.5 Release Candidate (Windows 10 1709, 64 Bit):
The new file formats are in any case a useful addition even if I rarely need PNG.
So far I had no crash, everything works without problems. It seems to me that the display of the photos is a bit faster.

Very useful is the possibility to define a folder for "Selected". 
What was not mentioned at all is that the folder can also be defined for a higher level, for example "../_selected". This is very convenient because I often use sessions in Capture One.
I also welcome all the other new features, even though I haven't been able to try everything yet.

I also think the new icon is very nice, but I would wish that the small icon of the taskbar would be even more eye-catching (4k screen, 24"). Could you make that a little more noticeable?
On this occasion I would also like to report a bug (which is already included in 1.4). If it is a bug at all:
In the Settings - XMP i cannot deactivate the checkbox for "Warn if overwrite XMP for file with same name" anymore. Maybe there's addictions to that, too. But they should be transparent.

In my opinion, FastRaw Viewer now only lacks the ability to assign keywords
And the ability to reduce noise when displaying RAW files, analogous to sharpening (noise reduction may be too CPU/GPU intensive)
After that you can stop programming :-)

In any case: many thanks for the continuous development of this great program.
It is absolutely unrivaled (only ExifPro can keep up with it).



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