Hi there!
I love FastRawViewer for culling fast through my Catalog without a compromise for speed.
I read in the Forum at about the year 2014 that you are planning to implement further features
like the ability to add keywords in a smiliar fast and forward way. 
So my question is if this is planned or if there will be an update with the functionality
to add Keywords in a fast manner?
If not, could you suggest another Software that is in a similiar manner straight forward like yours?
Many greetings and keep up the good work!

Dear Sir:

We do have plans to add keywording. Currently we provide editable titles and descriptions.

Thats great to hear.
Last question: Any chance to have a rough and tentative release date (this year, next year...) for this feature?

I'm waiting for keywording. Pronto, por favor!

What is the last info about keawording (sent in june 2019)

Lack of keywording feature is the main thing that is keeping me from buying this program right away.
(Other, lesser feature, is "Move to Trash" possibility, but I guess this is against your philosophy anyway so I understand.)
Now almost a year has passed since this thread is started so it would be nice to know at least something about your feature roadmap. Thanks!

I recently purchased FRV, and missing keywords is the most important feature for me, so I hope there are still plans to include it. Titles and descriptions are not a good substitution.

I would love to have that feature as well! I hope it will be implemented soon!

Is Keywording still on the agenda?

Keywords would be great

This is last of things I have missed from Adobe SW family, and would use this a lot.

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