Hi there!
I love FastRawViewer for culling fast through my Catalog without a compromise for speed.
I read in the Forum at about the year 2014 that you are planning to implement further features
like the ability to add keywords in a smiliar fast and forward way. 
So my question is if this is planned or if there will be an update with the functionality
to add Keywords in a fast manner?
If not, could you suggest another Software that is in a similiar manner straight forward like yours?
Many greetings and keep up the good work!

Dear Sir:

We do have plans to add keywording. Currently we provide editable titles and descriptions.

Thats great to hear.
Last question: Any chance to have a rough and tentative release date (this year, next year...) for this feature?

I'm waiting for keywording. Pronto, por favor!

Keywords would be great

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