The program RawPreviewExtractor is intended to extract the JPEG previews contained in RAW files:

  • All RAW formats that have embedded JPEG previews are supported.
  • The RAW files remain intact and are in no way “stripped” of their embedded previews.
  • The preview is extracted “as-is”: as recorded by camera in the RAW file (same size, no recompression,etc).
  • It is possible to copy EXIF data from original RAW to the destination JPEG.
  • Only JPEG previews are extracted; other formats (Bitmap, HEIC) are not supported.
  • Some RAW files (Cinema-DNG, images taken with some mobile phones and some action cameras) lack embedded previews, and therefore nothing will be extracted from them.

Inspired by Thom Hogan: he gently hinted that the old solutions are slowly falling off, which means a new one is NECESSARY.

Version 0.3

We offer for attention the second public release (0.3), which implements the most frequent requests for version 0.2. We continue to gather your feedback and implement the most frequently appearing requests.

System requirements

  • Windows: Windows 7...11, 64-bit, we assume a monitor that is no less than 1200x800
  • Mac: macOS 10.12 – 12.0

Download Links


We would be very happy to hear from our users via:


  • 2022-04-07: Version 0.3.2, updated for new camera support.
  • 2021-12-15: Version 0.3, recording a full-fledged EXIF block, the ability to save files in a subfolder of the current folder.
  • 2021-10-22: Version 0.2, Minimal EXIF block with Orientation tag created to handle portrait orientation
  • 2021-10-21: Version 0.1, 1st public release


It just works. Excellent!
.CR3 and .RAF

Мгновенно все происходит. Очень Понравилось.

I am so happy -- being able to extract JPEGs is such a time saver, and for sad reasons Instant JPEG from Raw wasn't going to work forever.  Great work guys!
Oh, which camera, which RAWs?  Nikon D810, 14bit lossless compressed....
And while I'm here, can I thank all of you for Fast Raw Viewer -- which just gets better & better!
Bill   (w.stanford@protonmail.com)

It works flawlessly and replaces ERawP for me, because it saves the EXIF-Data.

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