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The first thing you see upon the first launch of FastRawViewer is the set of Quick Start Tips that will help you to get start with using the program.

You can always open these Tips again through the Help menu.

Also you can download Quick Start Tips (in .pdf format):


How to Cull Your Images Faster with FastRawViewer

Excellent tutorial created by Nasim Mansurov, Photography Life

Read the article How to Cull Your Images Faster with FastRawViewer

In this video we're going to very quickly show you the most important tools and features that were added in FastRawViewer version 1.3.

You can read in detail about all of the tools and features mentioned (as well as not mentioned) in this video in the manual that comes with FastRawViewer installer, and also available on this website.

Also useful are the Quick Start Tips.

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What do you think is the possibility, when you are choosing and sorting RAW images based on the JPEG previews, that you are going to discard the better-quality image, and keep the lesser-quality one?

How likely do you think it is that you are throwing away perfectly good exposures in favor of the not-so-good? Because, in some sense, when you cull based on JPEG previews you are choosing the shots while mislead or even blindfolded.

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Imagine a memory card filled to the brim with RAW shots that you took while on vacation. Obviously, you want to pick the shots that put you and others in the shot in the best light, no pun intended.

So what's the game plan? Several hours spent in a RAW converter with a couple of shots to show for it at the end? Or try your luck with a viewer that promises speed, quietly avoiding mention that this is achieved by displaying an embedded JPEG previews passed off as he RAW shots that you took?

FastRawViewer is fast, RAW, and…not exactly just a viewer.

In this video we will show both that FRV is extremely fast and that it displays real RAW, as well as demonstrate that FRV allows one to more than just view – it lets the user reliably evaluate the technical quality of RAW shots to help in selection.

We also show how embedded JPEG and Adobe-generated JPEG can trick you, if you use them for culling RAW.

In the previous video we demonstrated that FastRawViewer is really fast, really displays RAW, and explained why using JPEGs (both embedded and Adobe-generated) is not a reliable method for culling and sorting RAW images.

Here we will go more in depth and show in detail how a JPEG preview can trick you when you’re trying to pick one shot out of a series, while only FastRawViewer provides you with reliable tools to pick the best shot.

This video helps one start comfortably using FRV immediately after the very first launch.

Use this to acclimate yourself to the interface, tools (RAW histogram and statistics, over- and underexposure indication, focus peaking, exposure correction, white balance, ratings, labels, titles, descriptions etc), Preferences, file handling and navigation, and get an idea as to how to customize the FRV setup for your preferred workflow.

We are sometimes approached with a request for a video with an example of a basic workflow while culling with FastRawViewer.

In this video we will show you how fast your raw culling workflow can be with FastRawViewer -- starting from a memory card going up until the raw converter.

Also, we will demonstrate how FastRawViewer helps one recognize and analyze operator errors so as to improve shooting discipline.

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