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FastRawViewer 2.0

This is a major version upgrade

  • Upgrade policy for FastRawViewer v. 1.x users:
  • If you bought FastRawViewer v. 1.x after January 20, 2021, then a free upgrade is available for you.
  • If you bought FastRawViewer v. 1.x before January 20, 2021, then you can upgrade with 40% off the regular price (can't be combined with other discounts).
  • Please note: the hardware and OS requirements for FastRawViewer v. 2 have been changed compared to FastRawViewer v 1.x
  • Please read the new version's hardware and OS requirements.
  • Use the upgrade tool to get your new license key or upgrade discount coupon.

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Buy together with RawDigger and save!

Combine FastRawViewer V2 with RawDigger, and with a simple shortcut launch RawDigger directly from FastRawViewer to look more in-depth at the shot you've selected.




Buy together with Monochrome2DNG and save!


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License Key

After purchase you'll receive a separate License Key for each purchased Program (it will appear in your browser window during the final purchase stage and also will be delivered along with the order confirmation via e-mail within about an hour after purchase).

Next, please paste each License Key into the appropriate/corresponding Program activation dialog.

Terms of Use

The purchased License is OS-independent, and can be used to have each Program activated on up to two computers simultaneously (need more? use separate store page to buy multiple licenses with discount), as long as each computer is owned by you and you are the only one with access to the Program.

You may transfer the license from one computer to another, provided the terms of ownership are followed, by de-activating the Program on one of the computers that have it active and activating it on another one.

For complete license information please see the full License Agreement, available during installation, or, after installation, in

  • Windows: Menu --> Help --> About --> Licensing information
  • macOS: Menu --> 'the Program name' --> About 'the Program name' --> Licensing information


Please use the 30-day fully functional trial to make sure that the software meets your needs before purchasing a license.

Upgrade Policy

Users who have purchased a license for FastRawViewer can upgrade to all minor releases at no charge. Upgrades for major releases are free for the first 6 months from the date of purchase, and 40% off thenafter.