FastRawViewer 1.4.11 Release

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FastRawViewer 1.4.11


  • Faster thumbnail reading, especially on slow media/WiFi
  • Run program/Pass image in main menu/context menus has been reworked:
  • removed 'Run Program 1', 'Run Program 2' menu items
  • [Setup external programs] menu item will appear if fewer than 3 external programs are configured.
  • New setting: Folders panel - gear menu - Show horizontal scrollbar.

    Enabled by default. When disabled, completely disables horizontal scrolling in Folders panel.
  • (Windows only) New Preferences setting: Interface - Set the main menubar colors to match the main window.
  • (Windows only) A warning is issued if 'pass image to external program' requires privilege escalation.
  • Thumbnail grid was displayed incorrectly if thumbnail size was changed in fullscreen mode.

Bugs fixed

  • WB presets handling for some Canon cameras was broken (5DmkIII and 5DmkIV were affected)
  • Lens ID data was incorrectly parsed for some camera/lens combinations.
  • EXIF data display above thumbnails was positioned incorrectly for large thumbnail sizes.
  • Grid/Filmstrip text font size was selected incorrectly on large thumbnial size decrease (e.g. 800 pix - 200pix).

Download links

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