FastRawViewer 1.4.2 Release

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FastRawViewer 1.4.2

When fixing one of the bugs that we were working on, we discovered some atavisms from version 1.3. Said atavisms were removed, and we are now worried that perhaps necessary objects (used in non-standard workflows) were removed along with them, something we can only find out from our users.

Also, several minor new features were added.

Download links

Version released, use our download page

New features

  1. For the zoom setting (Shift-LeftClick, Shift-RightClick, Z button), one can set a custom zoom value (in the range form 10 to 1000%). To do so, select Custom in the drop-down list, and set your preferred value.
FastRawViewer 1.4.2. Setting custom zoom values in Preferences
  1. For those preferring to work without a mouse, keyboard combinations have been created for easy access to Folders / Favorite Folders / Filmstrip / Grid panels. Default for the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+the key to display the panel:
    • Ctrl-G/Command-G - Grid Mode panel
    • Ctrl-F7/Command-F7 - Folders panel
    • Ctrl-Shift-F7/Command-Shift-F7 - Favorite folders panel
    • Ctrl-F6/Command-F6 - Filmstrip panel
    • You can customize the shortcuts as usual, through Keyboard Shortcut Editor - Information Panels.
    • If a panel isn't visible (you decided to hide it), then the respective "switch focus" hotkey is ignored.
    • When switching focus to Grid/Filmstrip, the first element to be displayed will be activated.
  2. When opening a file (through Menu - File - Open, through drag-n-drop), which shouldn't be displayed in Grid/Filmstrip because filtration is turned on and it does not pass the filtration rules, the user is given a warning of this.

Minor Additions

  • Additional checks for the success of XMP file recording have been implemented

Camera support

  • Olympus TG-5
  • Panasonic TZ90 (preliminary support)


  • In some cases, when decoding damaged previews from files, the Grid/Filmstrip would continue to display a clock rather than "decode error".
  • If reverse order sorting was selected, and a user switched to a different folder, FastRawViewer would scroll to the very end (the last file).
  • When changing to the sorting order, the checkbox "Reverse sort" would be always unchecked.

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