FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Beta2

FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Beta2

Camera support

  • Nikon D850
  • Olympus E-M10 mk III
  • Sony RX10-IV

New features

Single file operation shortcuts/menu can now work with multiple files at the same time as well

In FastRawViewer versions 1.3.0 - 1.4.3, operations with files (copy, move, rating, label, etc.) were preformed through two separate sets of actions:

  • Menu - File, Menu - Adjust, Menu - XMP Metadata worked with the "current file"
  • Menu - Select/Batch - with a group of selected files

This behavior was chosen so as to not startle existing users. However, this was somewhat unusual and not convenient for everyone, so starting from version 1.4.4 we are going to (gradually) unify these menu option/hotkey sets.

  • Currently, the following has been implemented:
  • Menu - Select/Batch is being renamed to Select, and all of the actions (copy, move, rotation, etc.) are being removed from it.
  • Batch actions are being removed from Help (F1) and from the keyboard shortcuts.
  • In Single File view mode, existing actions (copy/move/...) work with the currently-opened file.
  • In Grid mode, if the "current file" (highlighted by the brightness of the background, displayed in the window upper bar and in the lower panel) is in the group of selected file, then all actions are applied to the file.

This new functionality can be turned on/off through Preferences - Other - Single file keys work for multiple files too.

FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Preferences. Single File Key for Multiple Files

The context menu's functionality doesn't change: context menus of selected file(s) operates with group (both in Grid mode/Filmstrip in Single file mode).

  • Group mode indication:
  • Menu - File: each action gains a counter (Move nn files to...).
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Operations with Multiple Files
  • Menu - Adjust, Menu - XMP Metadata: the headers (not menu options!) "Rotate NN selected files" and "Rate/Label NN files" appear in the menu.
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Menus for Batch Adjust and XMP Metadata
  • XMP Metadata panel:
  • Panel heading changes to XMP Batch: change nn files.
  • The button to set a rating has changed icons (star to snowflake)
  • The button to set a label has changed from a highlighted window to a colored frame.
  • The XMP title field is blanked out, the message indicating batch mode is displayed in the XMP description.
  • The buttons in the bottom bar of the program behave the same way:
  • XMP Rating - icon change.
  • XMP Label - highlighting becomes a frame.
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 XMP Panel and buttons in the Bottom Bar in theBatch Mode
  • Note: in the Batch mode the XMP panels works only as a control not as an indicator of the choice made (please, see the picture above), while in the Single File mode the XMP panel works both as a control and as an indicator of the chosen label and rating (please, see the picture below)
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 XMP Panel and buttons in the Bottom Bar in the Single Mode
  • Unlike most programs, it is possible in FastRawViewer for the current file to not belong to the group of selected files. Menu option/hotkey functionality for such a case is controlled by the setting Preferences - Other - If the current file is not in the group of selected files, single-file shortcuts will work with:
  • Current file - the panel buttons/shortcuts/menu items will act on the current file.
  • Selected group - the buttons will act on the selected files.
  • Both - speaks for itself.
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Preferences. If Current File is not in the Group

Feature deployment plan:

  • 1.4.4 beta - the new behavior will be turned on by default (meaning that beta-testers will see it immediately).
  • 1.4.4 release - turned off, meaning that nothing will change for old users after the update.
  • 1.4.5 - turned on (and the settings inherited from 1.4.4): new users get the new settings, old users who updated, the old ones (unless you change setting in Preferences - Other).
  • 1.5.0 - the setting will be removed, and it will all work in the new way (may be we'll keep switch to old behaviour via hidden configuration option).

XMP Labels

  • A new option in XMP settings has been added to the 'Ratings and Labels' group, namely Use custom string for not set labels.
  • This new option allows to set the string that will be used for 'unset' label if the previous label is removed by FastRawViewer. This option is intended for use with Capture One, as this application "prefers" <xmp:Label>None (it can also be useful with some other applications).
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Preferences. Use Custom String
  • The reading of labels from XMP files has been re-factored:
  • when using XMP Label Style: Custom, and Custom label is set to a word (or a string) that is already in use in other styles for a different color (e.g., the word 'Green,' which corresponds to the green label in the Lightroom Color Labels style, is assigned to the red label for XMP Label Style: Custom), then the reading of labels from the file will happen correctly, with the word first being searched for in the Custom Label list, and in the standard lists only if the previous search fails.

Skipping several files using a single keystroke (hotkey)

If you often shoot with bracketing, then you may find it convenient to move left/right along the file list by more than just one file at a time.

This functionality can be turned on with the EnableLargeJumps.reg(sh) script (and disabled with the DisableLargeJumps script). As to how to use the scripts, please, refer to the FastRawViewer manual.

When turned on, the menu options Menu - File - Jump +2 files (+3 files, -2 files, -3 files) appear, and the default hotkeys are Ctrl-Alt-ArrowRight (right 2), Ctrl-Shift-Alt-ArrowRight (+3), with corresponding ArrowLefts for moving left 2/3

The size of the "jump" can be set with the Registry/Defaults Large2JumpStep and Large3JumpStep settings.

The script EnableLargeJumps sets these settings to 2 and 3 accordingly. If you need different values (for example, your standard bracketing step is 3 and 5 shots), you will need to copy the script somewhere where you can edit it, change the values, and launch it (or, you can change the values manually through RegistryEditor/defaults). The stride settings will take effect after relaunching FRV.

Other changes

  • New Preferences setting Zoom - Allow Fit-to-screen to zoom above 1:1
  • With this settings enabled, fit to screen will go above 100% zoom. Disabled by default for prev. versions compatibility.
  • New setting: Preferences - Performance - Flush decoded RAW/JPEG caches on folder refresh
  • Use this setting if you changed image data (e.g. edited JPEG) and want to see changes in FRV without program restart.  If the setting is off, only metadata will be reread on folder refresh, not image data itself.
  • Menu - File rearranged:
  • File change (First, Prev, Next, Last) are moved to Menu - File - Go To submenu
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Menu. GoTo File
  • Customization items (Preferences, Keyboard shortcuts, Customize bottom bar) are moved into Menu - File - Customize submenu (Mac: Preferences are still in Menu - FastRawViewer).
  • Undo: file selection is restored only after Move/Move to rejected undo, all other undo ops does not change selected files list.
  • A new mode for automatically set image scaling, Fit to Window width, has been added. By default, the hotkey is Ctrl-Alt-0
  • The setting Preferences - Zoom - Image zoom on next file - Fit Width has been added.
  • Due to the fact that an some window sizes can cause looping (Fit to width - a vertical scrollbar appears - the width decreases - the scale needs to be decreased - the scrollbar disappears - the scale can be increased), Fit-To-Width can leave small margins, up to 10 pixels wide.
  • The new Preferences - Interface - Hide panels on Tab - Restore Panels -> Hide all state on start setting has been added.
  • This allows to recall that all of the panels had been hidden upon starting the program.
  • Reminder: the Interface - Force open Folders panel if started without filename setting takes effect after Restore Panels Hide All state If you want to always start the program without panels, then you will need to either clearly close them all or turn off 'Force open folders.
  • XMP/IPTC Title/Description can now be set for groups of selected files:
  • through the Select/Batch menu - if the new option Preferences - Other - Single file keys work for multiple files too is turned off,
  • through XMP Metadata menu - if Single keys option is on,
  • or through the context menu.
FastRawViewer 1.4.4 Batch setting of Title/Description
  • The edit dialog differs from the option to edit the Title/Description:
  • Each of the two fields has an additional checkbox (on first use, it's not checked, afterwards it's kept for one work session).
  • If the checkbox isn't checked, then the corresponding field can't be edited and it won't be applied to the file group.
FastRawViewer 1.4.4. Title/Description Dialog

Bugs fixed

  • Reset filtering on folder change was always on and user change not remembered.
  • Title/Description was not updated in internal cache if edited, so may display incorrectly in grid.
  • If metadata sorting was on, current file may change spontaneously while filtering.
  • '&' character was not displayed correctly on key buttons in keyboard shortcut editor.
  • More accurate checks for image aspect ratio range.
  • Better handling for BW bitmap thumbnails.
  • CCT/Tint calculation for Panasonic LX100 camera.
  • Fixed encoding problem in keyboard shortcuts help.
  • If XMP Reject is enabled, Reject action was after No Rating action (opposite to panel/bottom line button)

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