FastRawViewer 2.0.3 Release

FastRawViewer 2.0.3

This is quick-fix release with several minor features added:

Camera support

  • Leica M11
  • Sony A7-IV support finalized

Minor improvements

  • Menu - File - Reload - Reload current file improved:
  • It is possible to reload file (thumbnail and metadata) in Grid View
  • It is possible to reload multiple selected files
  • Reload is available via context menus
  • New setting: Preferences - Thumbnail cache - Re-read thumbnails on file reload.
  • If unchecked (default: checked) file reload will refresh metadata only, but not thumbnail.


  • Files with non-standard bayer pattern were displayed incorrectly in v2.0.2
  • Restored (nonstandard) integer/deflate compressed DNG support
  • Red border around thumbnail (i'm busy displaying this image) was not displayed if the file was already in decoded RAW cache.
  • Fixed bottom bar display issue if FastRawViewer has started in maximized window mode

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