Raw Viewer for Samsung for Mac OS X and Windows

FastRawViewer is the first and the only dedicated tool specifically designed and developed for extremely fast display, visual and technical analysis, basic corrections, sorting and setting aside or directly transferring for further processing of RAW images.

Full FastRawViewer functionality is provided for all Samsung cameras listed below.

Both Mac OS X (10.6+) and Windows (7-10, XP, Vista) platforms are supported.

FastRawViewer - Viewer for Samsung

List of Supported Samsung Cameras

Samsung NX series

  • NX1
  • NX5
  • NX10
  • NX11
  • NX100
  • NX1000
  • NX1100
  • NX20
  • NX200
  • NX210
  • NX2000
  • NX30
  • NX300
  • NX300M
  • NX3000
  • NX500
  • NX mini
  • Galaxy NX (EK-GN120)

Samsung dSLR

  • GX-1L
  • GX-1S
  • GX10
  • GX20

Samsung Mobile

  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S3

Samsung Compact

  • Pro815
  • EX1, TL500
  • EX2F
  • WB550
  • WB2000, TL350

Samsung Compact, DIAG RAW

  • S85
  • S850

For a detailed list of currently supported cameras, devices, and RAW file extensions

please see the Full List of Supported Cameras.

If you have RAW files from Samsung cameras that FastRawViewer can't open properly, please send us an email and provide us with sample files. We never share any image files sent to us.