How to remove a file name from Copy to

When I hover over Copy to, in the single image option, a box comes up with the options of Select folder, New sub-folder, the one one I have designated as Favotite folder, and another one from earlier in the year, which I no longer use. How can I remove this last one from the list without deleting that foldr from my hard drive. (The one referring to March-April in the attached image). Thanks.


First, please make the panel with the list of favorite folders visible:
- Shift-F7
- main Menu -> Panels -> 'Favorite Folders'

Next, right-click on the name of the folder you want to remove from the list displayed in the panel, and select 'Remove ...'

Please have a look at the section 'Favorite Folders Panel: Easy Access to Select Folders' in the manual, it starts on page 89.

For your convenience, the FastRawViewer Manual comes with the application (main Menu - 'Help' - 'PDF Manual') and is
fully searchable.

To clean up 'recent folders/files' remembered in FRV history use Menu - File - Customize - Clean "recently used" lists and select lists you want to clean (Copy destinations in this specific case).



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I followed Alex's instruction, and that worked. Thank you!

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