Shot Fuji RAW with Acros BnW - FRV shows colour, nothing else does!

Hi folks.
I shot a sequence yesterday using a Fuji film sim on my XT4 while having a RAF/RAW shot athe same time.
FRV 2.0.7 sees the images as BnW in thumbnail preview yet double clicking shows it as full colour. When I open the pic in Capture One 22 I'm only getting the BnW.
Same issue when I view in PIE - Picture Information Extractor - thumbnail in BnW yet double click and we are now in colour, but never in Cap.One or Firestone Image Viewer.
Im completely confused - any ideas? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

FastRawViewer displays rendered raw data,  while this data does not change if you change the camera mode to black and white

To view BW conversion use Ctrl-6 (Cmd-6 on Mac) shortcut, and Ctrl-2 to return back to color mode



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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