Do not show photos in any subfolders?

I've googled like crazy, scoured the prefs (and I'm sure its right in front of my face) and still can't seem to find the solution.   

I don't want to see any photos that aren't explicitly in the currently viewed folder.  right now, it seems to be drilling down 1 level, IE it'll show me photos in a given folder's subfolder, but won't show me anything past that.  
sorry for the what I am sure is a dumb question!!

of course I just figured it out, 5 minutes later

it wasn't showing me any subfolders...I made a selects folder and I thought I loved a bunch of selects into it....turns out they were copied, not moved.  I assume that behavior can be changed?  

aaannnd I finally found the move/copy behavior.  glad everyone could witness me talking to myself 

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