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I am a brand new to FastRawViewer and I have few questions about EXIF data in FastRawViewer and the EXIF data panel.
I use a Canon EOS R5 with a Solmeta GMAX-EOS2 installed in its hot shoe. The GMAX-EOS2 is a Geotagger and supplies the camera with the geolocation data to place in the EXIF metadata of each image.
In the EXIF Display Preferences I set every preference to be visible but after clicking the OK button only a small subset of EXIF data is showing, about 24 items.
• Do not show empty values, is disabled.
• Show row labels, is enabled.
Also, I cannot find one EXIF item, the direction the camera was pointing at the time the image was shot. I believe this tag is called GPSIMgDirection.

1) FastRawViewer display (selected/most) standard EXIF fields and a very limited range of non-standard/vendor specific (so called Makernotes) metadata.

The reason is simple: vendor specific metadata is neither officially documented, all interpretations is a guess (of unknown quality).

2) GpsImgDirection is standard field, but we have never been asked about this.

The reason is most likely simple: to record such data  GPS receiver should contain electronic compass to determine direction without receiver movement.

Most/all cameras with GPS receiver(s) lacks it, while external receiver (you mentioned) may have such an ability.

If and when we'll have sample files with such tag in it and known approximate direction (East/West/South is enough) we'll implement this tag display in FRV.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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