Features request

I'm testing FastRawViewer and overall it's fine, it's what I was looking for. But the file handling is very unusual.
Features proposal:

  • Add a "parameters" text field to each External Editor configuration. This field may contain additional options (like -open or -delete or whatever) for the program to be run, they should be passed first, before the selected files


  • Make the difference in control between single Click and Mouse down and drag. This will be a very great improvement to the user experience. The criterion is very simple. If the mouse is moved to some distance from the MouseDown point - this is the drag mode. If the mouse is released without the drag mode activated, it is a click. So in shortcut editor can be choose in MouseDrag exactly drag event, and use a click for some other action (like change zoom, etc)


  • Make an option to show a folders in grid mode. Only files are currently displayed


  • In grid mode, the current path is the label at the top. It is not possible to select and copy anything. readonly textedit may be a solution to the problem


  • When dragging a file into the folder tree, there is an additional icon (+ by default) that changes depending on the Shift-Alt-Ctrl state. Also the option Preferences-FileOperations-DropFilesToFolderTree has only a specific action (always copy, always move, always ask). It will be very useful to specify the same parameters for each additional key. Like this:
    Drop file(s) to Folders tree:  [combobox]
    Drop file(s) to Folders tree (+Ctrl): [combobox]
    Drop file(s) to Folders tree (+Shift): [combobox]
    Drop file(s) to Folders tree (+Alt): [combobox]


  • Filter by shooting parameters (like ISO, WB, Lens, ShuterSpeed, etc)


  • Make a shortcut option to Clear _rejected subfolder. 


  • Add to a Clear _rejected subfolder option to recursively scan all subfolders


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