Feature Request: modify JPG files with metadata changes rather than adding XMP sidecar - for compatiblity with Lightroom Ingest

I'm trying to replace PhotoMechanic (PM) with FRV for culling and making initial image-specific metadata selections (color/rating/title/description).
I then import my photos into Lighroom Classic.... I'm excited about how much better FRV is for raw files - it eliminates many trips to an editor to evaluate exposure while culling.  But - I sometimes have some standalone jpg files (usually from a phone) in my unculled files.
My problem is that FRV's treatment of JPG files does not appear to be compatible with Lightroom Classic ingest.
When I modify metadata of a JPG image, FRV creates an XMP file rather than modifying the JPG.  Lightroom Classic ignores the XMP and only reads the JPG.  PM, on the other hand, can update the jpg to provide metadata to Lightroom.
Is it possible to have FRV rewrite the JPG and not create an XMP file?  This could be optional behavior set in preferences.
I would expect a number of PM users might now be looking for an alternative and this issue could be important to anyone who is used to PM's handling of JPG files.

Dear Sir:

Please open FastRawViewer Preferences on XMP section and put a check mark to 'Write XMP blocks to JPEG files instead of creating sidecar'.

You will find more details on pp. 165&166 of the FastRawViewer manual.

For your convenience, the FastRawViewer Manual comes with the application (FastRawViewer main menu -> 'Help' -> 'PDF
Manual') and is a fully searchable standard PDF file; or you can download the manual separately from FastRawViewer
download page,


Direct link to the manual is:


That works!  
Thank you very much!
I had initially looked for an option like this in Preferences without finding it.  I realize after reading your reply that I had interpreted the "XMP" section of the preferences menu as a heading and not as a menu page itself.  This is exactly what I was hoping for.  And I have to get used to the fact that FRV actually has an excellent manual - rare these days!


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