Drag and Select Multiple files?

I new to both macOS and FastRawViewer. That said, I have been challenged with transitioning my workflow from PC to Mac. So my question is, are you able to select multiple files by dragging the mouse over the files you want to select?

With default settings, FastRawViewer uses own 'Advanced selection mode', described in the manual: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/FastRawViewer2-Manual-ENG.pdf#pag...

If the shortcomings of the standard mode do not bother you, you can switch to the standard selection mode via Preferences - Selection - (disable advanced selection mode box).

FastRawViewer manual is also available via Menu - Help - PDF Manual (to not re-download it each time) and it is fully searchable.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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