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I have been trying FastRaw Viewer for six days and love it. I have a question about the fast panning mode discussed on pages 107-108 of the Version 2.0 manual, where it reads:

If the image does not completely fit into the window:

  • Pressing and holding the left mouse button turns on the Drag mode: the image moves with the mouse cursor.
  • Pressing and holding the right mouse button turns on the fast panning mode: the program window becomes ‘Navigation Pane’, moving the mouse, for instance, to the top-right corner of the window will show you the top-right region of the image.

The first bulleted item works fine on my computer: when zoomed in, I can drag the image with the left mouse button.  But I can't get the second bulleted item above to work: when zoomed in, I can't pan the image with the right mouse button. Instead, nothing happens. (However, when I release the right mouse button, the usual contextual menu appears.)

Am I doing something incorrectly? Do I need to change a configuration to get the program window to switch to a Navigation Pane?

I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Standard shortcuts for Zoom+Drag and Zoom+Pan are Shift + Mouse button (left/right)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you, Alex. 
I should have mentioned in my original post that the two shortcuts you mentioned for Zoom+Drag and Zoom+Pan do work on my computer.
The issue for me is that those shortcuts only allow users to drag and pan at the zoom level specified in "Zoom and Drag" Zoom to and "Zoom and Pan" Zoom to in Zoom Preferences. What I would like to be able to do is drag and pan at the current zoom level, even when the current zoom level differs from the zoom factors specified in Zoom Preferences.
There seems to be an asymmetry: I am able to drag at the current zoom level just by pressing and holding the left mouse button; but pressing and holding the right mouse button doesn't allow me to pan at the current zoom level. So I am wondering . . . is there some way to pan at the current zoom level?
Thanks again for your help with this.
-- Walter

Pan without zoom is not implemented.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you for responding so quickly to my questions! I'm still in the trial period, but will purchase the program later today.

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