Is there no way to send stuff to the trash?

One of the main things I do in the photo browser is cull unneeded pictures from big collections. But there's no apparent way to move stuff to the trash; it's not even an option to use the trash as the "rejected" folder.
Am I missing something?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I also appreciate your concern for the user's data.
I haven't encountered any of the problems cited in that document, at least on the Mac. I can move stuff to the trash from removable drives, including thumbdrives... although one must remember that unless you empty the trash before ejecting, it'll still be there taking up space.
I suggest a compromise: a user preference that will empty the rejected-items folder upon quitting the application, after presenting the warning dialog shown in the documentation. This preference could only be enabled if the user has selected a "global" rejected-items folder.

We know of far too many cases when photographers encountered the problems we listed.

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