Feature request: Better support for workflow based on _Selected directory

In FRW I can either select the photos I want to keep (i.e., move them into "_Selected" directory) or I select the photos to remove (move them into "_Rejected" directory).
FRW supports the second workflow with two helpful features:

  • I can undo the deletion of a photo by executing "Undelete: move one level up"
  • I can permanently delete rejected files using the command "Clear _Rejected subfolder"

Unforunately it seems that there are no equivalent commands for the _Selected directory. I would find these two features very helpful:

  • Undo the selection of a photo by moving it one level up.
  • Delete all files in the parent directory and afterwards move all files from _Selected to the parent directory (basically delete everything that was not selected).

Is this possible?

> In FRW I can either select the photos I want to keep (i.e., move them into "_Selected" directory)

We suggest to use filelists, it's a more flexible and safer mechanism, less prone to hardware and operator errors. Please see
'Save Selection to file'
'Load/Append selection from file'
'Open filelist'

For your convenience, the FastRawViewer Manual comes with the application (FastRawViewer main menu -> 'Help' -> 'PDF Manual') and is a fully searchable standard PDF file; or you can download the manual separately from FastRawViewer download page,


Direct link to the manual is:


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