CA s where there are none?

I did load this Canon raw file: and looked at it in Rawfileviewer and in Rawtherapee as well (the latter with absolutely all adjustements disabled), each in 100% actual pixel view.
Only in Rawfileviewer on the handrails left and right of the starcaise in the foreground I see repeated green spots and the edges of the stairs seem to glow green as well. This looks like heavy chromatic aberrations.
But in Rawtherapee I see none of them.
What is happeing there in RFV?

Dear Sir:

There is certain amount of colour artifacting in the raw data itself, here is from fully converted image - please look at 100% here:


If you are discussing some other artifact, please post the screenshots with the artifact zone outlined.

Due to copyright laws I can not post a screen shot of this photo on which I do not hold copyright, but one area where I see bright green artifacts in RFV is located at position x:3533 / y: 2083.

Dear Sir:

Are you referring to this area (100% view from DPP)


DPP applies corrections but the artifacts are still very prominent. In FastRawViewer (FRV) we do not apply any corrections, one of the reasons is that such corrections prevent from evaluating the quality of the raw shot.

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