Make Adobe camera raw render files like FRV

Hello,   I have been using FRV for a while now, and I love it. I use it it combination with ACR and photoshop. I have been finding lately that the pictures viewed through FRV look very diferent, and on most occasions much more pleasing than when I send them to ACR. In one discussion on this forum, it is said that "BTW, FRV does nothing special with image, any good raw convertor may achieve this image look easily." I am happy tohear this but could use a little more help in achieving this. As much as I try, I can somewhat match the exposure, contrast, I think... but the images always seem to have much more subtle colors (not more saturated) in FRV, and playing with saturation sliders in ACR really doesn't seem to help.  I am still planing to open the files in photoshop in the end, but if I would love to start off in ACR with something as pleasing as the FRV rendering
Does anyone have tips on how to set up ACR to give a starting point closer to the way FRV renders pictures? 
Thanks a lot


Dear Sir:

In ACR, what is your setting for the process, AdobeStandard or Camera? If it is Camera, which particular setting?


I should have mentioned in deed, I do use the camera standard, or camera neutral profile (I have tried most others as well, the adobe looks the worst). I use a Canon 550d, on a retina mbp. 

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