Assessing sharpness (and other comments)

I am just trying our FRV and very much like most of what I see.  However I am having trouble assessing the sharpness of images as part of the selection process.  Am I doing something wrong?
If I view at 100% all images look quite unsharp (even if they are good, when viewed in LR) Is this normal?    If I use either edge or detail selections, almost all edges show up as contrasty/sharp which doesn't really help.   Is there a way of setting the sensitivity of E and D so they are more useful in picking best images?
Just a couple of other comments.
It would be very helpful when using Ctl+ or - to have an indicator of magnification ratio somewhere
The manual is very clear, but very lengthy.  It would be good to have a quick start section, to get a newbie like me going, and then let me delve into the detail when i need it
Thanks for a very useful piece of software

Dear Sir:

Before conversion-quality (that is, rather slow) demosaicking and sharpening are applied, raw looks not as sharp as the converter output. We are working on improving these aspects. Meanwhile we suggest to use Focus Peacking. You may also want to look at the Preferences - GPU Processing section and check that you have Bicubic resampling 'ON'.

At the bottom bar, please press the "gear" and select "customize" to make zoom ratio visible.

We have tips in the program and hope they help with quick start. We also have a workflow diagram on the home page

Thanks for reply, using bicubic the image at 50% is reasonably sharp, and I will try to use that for culling unsharp shots.  I find that focus peaking using 'D' is a bit too generous and shows too many edges in focus.  Can it be made a bit more discriminating?  I look forward to upgrades in this area (even a loupe tool, if that can be implemented without slowing down the loading)
I have found the magnification setting in the bottom bar and that works perfectly for me.
Now I have a bit more experience with the package, the manual is fine, but I still think a quick start page could help others, as well as the tips and flowchart
thanks for a useful tool
(PS I could not manage to reply using my registered name, so have to append '1' to it to get the system to accept it???)

Dear Sir,

'P' (focus peaking) key with default settings will turn 'Contrast Edges' - 'Fine Details' - 'No selection' in a loop.

  • Contrast Edges is aimed for composition check. it will show lines constast for human eye from large distance
  • Fine Details will show details that will appear sharp if the shot is printed out or downsized to sceen resolution.

If you do not need (for example) Contrast Edges display, you may turn it off via Preferences - GPU Processing - Focus peaking mode (uncheck unnecessary modes).

We'll add some kind of quality rendering in some future release of FRV, this feature requires additional development time to not hurt overall performance.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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