Does FastRawViewer support Touchscreen?

I'm searching a software to sort out my RAW pictures on a tablet. No keyboard, no mouse.
Does FastRawViewer support touchscreens?
If yes, what are your experience?

FastRawViewer do not have any specific support for touchscreen interfaces, but you may increase bottom bar and sidebar fonts to make mouse-specific buttons larger.

We've several success reports from users running FRV on MS Surface Pro (and Surface 3 not-Pro) tablets. but not sure is keyboard used or not.

Hi, are there any plans to try to make it a little friendlier to touchscreens?  In particular, scrolling through images.  

Yes, better touchscreen support is already in TODO for FRV 1.4

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Can check on Win-10 HP-Split with touchscreen, if that would help.
FWIW: they are coming down in price quite a bit. I got the HP-Split as a refurb for a bit over $200. It has the Intel i3 rather than Atom, so the performance is probably better than Atom. I may install an entry level 256 GB SSD in it.

We have MS Surface Pro4 for tests.  Better touch interface support planned for FRV 1.4.0

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By reputation, a very nice box ... but expensive.
I hesitate to offer unsolicited advice, but does LibRaw anticipate getting pre-alpha testing from people with:
* Underpowered Atom based devices with just enough memory to install and launch RD/FRV
* With and without GPU's that are not on the CPU?
* multiple GPU cards in super high end gaming machines?
* Mac in dual-boot configuration (boot camp?)
* With and without OpenGL?
 ** (IIRC, that caused crashes with 1.1 under certain scenarios ...
    reported by me, and eventually a work-around found and eventually fixed)

We have added basic touchscreen support in FRV 1.4:

Toolbars and basic gesture support added.

By default it is off, you need to turn it on via Preferences - Touchscreen.

Any feedback is welcome.

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