Option to change Active Picture (Selected) after a Reject (Move)?

I'm new to FRV so plesae forgive me if this has been mentioned or there's been a fixed. Currently, after I reject a picture (moving to reject folder), FRV would select the next picture but sometime it would select the previous for some reason. I would like to force it to select the next picture to save a step. Is there a setting for this? Perhaps I'm just missing out something. Please advise, thank you.

'After rejected' image selection is controlled by this setting:

Preferences - File Handling - File Moving/Rejecting group - After current file moved

There are two possible values for the setting:

  • Always browse forward will move you to next image (if it exists)
  • Preserve browsing direction - will preserve move direction (if you moved back, then reject image, the next active will be previous image)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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