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Hi Everyone,
I am going to buy FRV for Mac Os X, however I need to ask you a question about license: my Mac is old and about to die ;) and I think I'll switch to Windows within 2-3 months. Can I use the same license with FRV for Windows?
Thank you

1) With single license key, you can use FRV on two computers (Mac or Windows in any combination) at the same time

2) You may transfer license to the third computer by using 'license deactivatoin' on 'old' computer (Menu - Help - Registration data) and then activating the key on the 3rd computer

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Ahh ... that answered a question I was about to ask. I have 3+ computers on which I could conceivably use FRV. I use it mostly for my desktop, and secondarily for an HP-Split Intel i3 based computer. Nice to know I can transfer around without needing another license.
Slick, and so many great features for a very reasonable priced utility.
Is this license transfer / deactivation also how RawDigger works?
I haven't tried it yet, but what happens on a desktop computer with multiple partitions? I have a "sandbox partition" that I use to check out software that I am considering. Would installation of FRV on it count as another activation towards the limit of two, or as the same installation as the primary partition?

FRV (and RawDigger) activations are bound to OS copy. So, if you have multiple OS running on same hardware (e.g. two OS X versions plus Windows on same macbook) you need to transfer licenses to keep only two activated at same time.


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Reasonable, but different than many other licenses that count "computers" rather than "installations".
For example, on my main desktop computer that is active 90% of the time, I have at least 2 and sometimes 4 rotating 2 to 3 TB HDD, usually none with OS. I also have 2 Sata-3 SSD's and another older Sata-2 SSD that are "live" as far as having power and SATA connector. Each of those have OS on them ... such as Win-10 primary, Win-10 "sandbox", and Win-10 with Visual Studio Express C++.  I use the BIOS when I want to change partitions and thus a different OS environment.
I'm not advocating the above. It works for me. I am very reluctant to install even trial software on my main working partition or VisStudio, and less uncomfortable with doing that on the "sandbox" partition.
So according to typical licenses, I could have three installations of [fill-in-the-blank] s/w, but it is only on one computer. Obviously, two people can't be using [fill-in-the-blank] at the same time ... literally impossible.
tl;dr ? sorry ..
I have encountered s/w that behaves differently in trial vs licensed mode ... but in a negative way such as bloat-ware. Sometimes it takes a while for bloat-ware or malware to show up. My [paranoid?] practice is to run malware software such as AVG and/or Defender on the entire computer before the installation, after the trial, after registration, and even after 30 days past registration. 
OK ... so there seems to definitely be a work-around ... deactivation. But this is perhaps outside the s/w UI principal of "least astonishment", since the norm seems to be counting computers. Maybe that's changed?
I've got some pretty old, otherwise rather lame s/w that seems to be able to detect that I've done three installations on the same computer. I'm fuzzy on how they accomplish that.
And what happens if I get a new PCIE based SSD when they get more affordable? Do I need to remember to deactivate first? 
My speculation is that LibRaw has a reasonable policy on that involving email and explaning my "sad story", but then there are even more abuse-of-license issues for LibRaw. Do LibRaw products have something like Adobe CC that combines activation and "ET call home" on a monthly or quarterly basis to reduce rampant piracy?
There are other scenarios that are more problematic, but I hope I've conveyed my concern[s]. 

Current  versions of our software do not 'call home' (with the exception of updates check, which can be completely turned off).


Hola I bought a FRV License and I used 1 on a MAC and the other on a PC. 
My PC has died and I had to formatted without deactivating my license. 
What Can I do? Now I have another MAC where I want to use my license as a second computer. How I deactive the license on my old PC.

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