I just wanted to thank you folks for such an outstanding piece of software.  I took the time to read through all the forum comments before giving you my feedback, and I discovered that it is not necessary as you already have plans to deal with my priorities: favourite folders, filter by metadata (rating and label) and compare images.  It is so rare to see software that is well designed, lean, flexible, efficient, ergonomic and stable and such a pleasure to be able to communicate with the owners/engineers.  I also feel pretty humble as I was never able to master Qt :*)  Once again, many thanks!
Best regards

Thank you for the kind words!

Could you please explain 'Favorite folders' feature you want? Is it also called 'Hotfolder' (monitor some folder and display any new file arrived), or something else?

I was thinking of favourite folders in the navigation area like you can do in windows explorer.

Thanks. Understood.

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