Reading Bayer CFA file produced by MT9J003 Image Sensor

Hello all,
I have designed a printed circuit board with two MT9J003 10Mp image sensors. These produce a RAW file without any descriptive elements in it, just 3664 x 2748 array of Bayer CFA pixels, ordered RG/GB, each pixel occupies 16 bits. The pixel value uses 12 bits, 4 bits are unused.
Can FastRawViewer read such a file? 
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To show 'just pixel dump' of uncompressed pixels, we need to add this type of image into 'just pixel dump' database in our opensource LibRaw library ( This library is used by FastRawViewer and RawDigger to read RAW images. So, we need a sample image (see below how to send it to us).

Also, we need additional color data to create color profile for this sensor. Could you please shot ColorChecker (standard, 24 patches) or ColorChecker SG and send us sample file (use Dropbox/Google drive/any other file sharing service and send link to

Also, if you'll use artificial light to shot ColorCheker, we need a raw image with graycard shot in daylight.

Without Colorchecker shot we'll unable to show good color. Without graycard shot in daylight we'll unable to determine (approximate) white balance data.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you for the quick reply and your willingness to help. I have to order the ColorChecker and GrayCard. I will be back after receiving them and making the pictures you mentioned.
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