Culling images already in LR database

I have a large collection of images in my LR database that I want to cull.  LR is too slow and I am considering using FastRawViewer.  The suggested FRV workflow is for culling prior to loading into LR.  Can I run FRV on images that are in LR database and mark them with the "Set as rejected (X)" flag?  That enables me to use LR to delete the images so I don't end up with missing images in the LR database.

Unfortunately, Lightroom flags ('Rejected'/'Flagged') are internal to Lr catalog: these flags are not imported from XMP sidecar files and not exported to XMP.

You may use standard XMP Label or Rating, than convert it to Rejected after culling:

1) Export XMP Sidecar files for your catalog (or selected files) from Lightroom: select files (all, or by-folder) and use Menu - Metadata - Save metadata to files to export XMP sidecar files

2) Cull with FastRawViewer, assign, for example one star for rejects and 2 star for keepers (or use some color label for rejects)

3) In Lightroom: select all files again and use Menu - Metadata - Read metadata from files

This will update ratings/labels from XMP files (i.e. set by FastRawViewer)

4) Create smart collection with rule 'rating is equal to 1 star' (or, if you've used label, create smart collection by this label)

5) Select all files from collection and set flag to Rejected.


Thanks for your helpful reply.

This is actually exactly the workflow I'm planning to follow. I tested it and it works beautifully.
My planned workflow:
- Import using Lr, all images
- move to FRV and cull all images --> green: for editing; red: to be rejected; nothing: couldn't decide
- then back to Lr, select the directory and all the images within (ctrl-a)
- right mouse menu "Synchronize folder..." -> "Scan for Metadata updates"
- all the edits from FRV appear to images in Lr catalog (I'm not using XMP's in Lr, just the catalog)
- then I can filter all images to be rejected (flagged RED) or to be edited (flagged GREEN)

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