Culling images already in LR database

I have a large collection of images in my LR database that I want to cull.  LR is too slow and I am considering using FastRawViewer.  The suggested FRV workflow is for culling prior to loading into LR.  Can I run FRV on images that are in LR database and mark them with the "Set as rejected (X)" flag?  That enables me to use LR to delete the images so I don't end up with missing images in the LR database.

Unfortunately, Lightroom flags ('Rejected'/'Flagged') are internal to Lr catalog: these flags are not imported from XMP sidecar files and not exported to XMP.

You may use standard XMP Label or Rating, than convert it to Rejected after culling:

1) Export XMP Sidecar files for your catalog (or selected files) from Lightroom: select files (all, or by-folder) and use Menu - Metadata - Save metadata to files to export XMP sidecar files

2) Cull with FastRawViewer, assign, for example one star for rejects and 2 star for keepers (or use some color label for rejects)

3) In Lightroom: select all files again and use Menu - Metadata - Read metadata from files

This will update ratings/labels from XMP files (i.e. set by FastRawViewer)

4) Create smart collection with rule 'rating is equal to 1 star' (or, if you've used label, create smart collection by this label)

5) Select all files from collection and set flag to Rejected.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks for your helpful reply.

This is actually exactly the workflow I'm planning to follow. I tested it and it works beautifully.
My planned workflow:
- Import using Lr, all images
- move to FRV and cull all images --> green: for editing; red: to be rejected; nothing: couldn't decide
- then back to Lr, select the directory and all the images within (ctrl-a)
- right mouse menu "Synchronize folder..." -> "Scan for Metadata updates"
- all the edits from FRV appear to images in Lr catalog (I'm not using XMP's in Lr, just the catalog)
- then I can filter all images to be rejected (flagged RED) or to be edited (flagged GREEN)

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