Read labes from lightroom

I want to import files from folder that already have a labels from lightroom, but i can't see the labels on frv. What should I do?

FRV reads (and writes) rating/labels from .XMP sidecar files.

To export your Lightroom labels/ratings to these files, select all files in catalog (Menu - Edit - Select All), than use Menu-Metadata-Save Metadata to files.

To read altered (by FRV) ratings back to Lightroom, select all files and use Menu - Metadata - Read Metadata from files.

Please note, that 'Reject' flag is internal to Lightroom: this flag is not exported to XMP and no way to pass this flag back to Lr via sidecar files. Only ratings (stars) and color labels can be exported/imported.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team



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