XMP Files and DxOOptics Pro

FastRawViewer (FRV) saves changes to the RAW file to an XMP file. I have noticed that PS CC2015 imports those changes when I send a file y using the "Run" command. When I send a file to DxOOptics Pro, it appears that those are not opened. Is there a way to have DxO open the file and use the adjustments that were made in FRV? Thank you.

FRV saves exposure/wb settings in adobe-compatible format (crs:Exposure and other crs: tags, crs stans for CameraRawSettings).

Unfortunately, DXO Optics to not read these tags. Also, alternative ways to store DXO-compatible settings in XMP files (tags, tag meaning) is not documented by DXO (and we're not sure that these tags exists)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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