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Hi there,
I shoot Raw+jpg with my Fuji X-T1. It appears to me that FRV does not apply the rating that I apply to my RAWs to the corresponding jpg automatically. I have to rate jpgs separately. Is this something that I can turn on? Thanks so much, Marius

Dear Sir:

The rating is set in a sidecar XMP file. The JPEG and the RAF filenames differ only by extension, while the XMP sidecar file again uses the same filename, only with XMP extension; and inside the XMP file there is a record, attributing the file to either RAF or JPEG. That's how the standard defines it.

Basically this means we need to have 2 separate XMP files with ratings and labels, one for JPEG, and the other one for RAF. But because the name for both files needs to be the same, it is impossible.  Doesn't seem like this conflict can be resolved within the XMP standard practice. If you know of some product that resolves it without modifying the original raw and JPEG files we would be very interested to know.

Aha! That makes sense. I will have to find out whether Lightroom can automatically apply the RAW ratings to the corresponding jpgs. Marius

FIY I brought this topic up elsewhere

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