How does the FRV setting for RPP settings files work?

I am trying to integrate RPP into my workflow in place of ACR, so the creation of ".rpps" files from FRV is of great interest.
But I can't seem to make this work. I have a "default" profile in RPP that uses a color-correction profile (created with ColorChecker24) for my camera but sets the WB to a simple default (1.00, 0.5, 0, 0 EV for RB and G+G).
I have set FRV 1.3 to display the WB in EV so I know what EV values FRV sets for each channel. I have also chosen to allow FRV to set auto-exposure (not Adobe-like). [By the way I really like the new exposure controls/curves].
When I look at the ".rpps" file in the finder all this information seems to be correctly recorded.
But when I press the keyboard shortcut in FRV to open the image in RPP, these settings are not enabled in RPP.  Instead, I see my own 'default' profile applied to the image without any of the FRV corrections. When I use the RPP menu to "Import multiple settings", and select the FRV-created ".rpps" file in the Finder, still nothing changes in RPP.
I want to keep my camera color profile in RPP, of course, but I want to import the WB and Exposure settings from FRV.
How can I do this, please.

Dear Sir:

In RPP, please use Settings -> Export Settings over a file where you've set your preferred profile etc; and send the resulting to -- that way we will have the template you need. I think we may need a script / Automator to incorporate the template into the generic .rpps we record from FRV.

Thank you Iliah, I will do that. 

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