Bought this thing right away

Hard to avoid featuritis.  You'll end up like Photo Mechanic, which is a good but complex product.  Inevitable.
I want tiff file support.
(and someone else wants yet something else!)
I could also want recursive folder opening, e.g., find all the pics.  But, this has complexity:  it's one thing when there are just 2 more levels, no more than 20 total folder, and no more than 250 images.  But, if it happened when you opened "Pictures" that would be a problem!
So, tiff higher priority than recursive folders.

Dear Sir:

Thank you for being our customer.

I don't think comparing with Photo Mechanic makes sense, they are not a raw viewer. We are staying on the subject of raw, and we support those TIFFs that are raw. Also, folders with raw files are seldom recursive, especially on memory cards.

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