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Hello, I a new user of FastRawViewer. Eveything is fine but I would like to know if the DNG format is supported.
I use the Adobe dng format in my workflow so it is necessary for me to access my files in this format. I convert my nef files to DNGs with embeded fast load data and compression enabled but FRV doesn't seem to recognise them, actually they look washed out and with excessive magenta tint.
Is there something that I am missing in the settings of the program?

Dear Sir:

That is not the typical behaviour. Please send us an original file and the corresponding DNG file that illustrate the problem.

I tried exporting in Lightroom dngs with  "Lossy Compression" On and Off. The problem is replicated when "Lossy compression" is On, dngs without compression display just fine on FRV.

Dear Sir:

Please, provide the samples.

I am uplodading samples and i will send them to you via the "Contact Us" page

Dear Sir:

Thank you. You can e-mail us the link via support@fastrawviewer.com

Dear Sir:

Many thanks, files received OK, and it is like you described. We will figure out what the problem is.

Thank you! This is much appreciated!

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