JPEG with embedded XMP=ratings (large catalog)

this may eventually belong in the feature request section but this is apparently a topic you have been through a couple of times already so I thought I should try the waters in the general section before eventually posting this as a feature request.
I just installed the trial version and it looks promising. However, I have a large (350gig) collection of photos containing mostly jpegs (about 1-2% JPEG+RAW I guess). For the JPEGs the rating is only stored as embedded XMP. For the JPEG+RAW the ratings are stored in a XMP file (and also the JPEG I think). I am not able to get FRV to read the ratings from the JPEGs at all. From your release log this seems to be a deliberate "feature". In your manual Ifind the following section:
Embedded XMP blocks 
Many RAW file formats can contain XMP blocks embedded in the file itself. In FastRawViewer they often can be treated as placeholders, since they contain just an empty label and a rating of zero, so there is no point in using these blocks. Moreover, the analysis of the metadata can be fairly time-consuming, especially when RAW files are located on a network drive or a slow HDD. For the aforementioned reasons, the analysis of embedded XMP blocks is, with default preferences, turned off – most users will get only a slow-down of their workflow and zero benefit. 
However, in a few cases, these blocks can contain meaningful data, in particular: 
- When using the DNG format, and editing metadata using Adobe programs, the XMP data is recorded in the DNG file, not in separate XMP sidecar files. 
Could I suggest a similar feature for JPEG? 
- When using the JPEG format, and editing metadata using for example Photo Mechanics, the XMP data is recorded in the JPG file, not in separate XMP sidecar files. 
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Øyvin Eikeland

Thank you for your suggestion, added to TODO list for FRV 1.4.

thanks! Already on the roadmap :) Hope you can release a beta with this included?
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No exact release date for 1.4, sorry. Definitely not in 1-2 months.

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