No Thumbnails and ratings - "No Preview Available"

When using FRV with the Leica D-LUX3 of a family member (I know, old camera), I do not get any thumbnails and ratings. The tiles each show "No Preview Available". The main file view is fine though.
The camera is set to RAW+JPEG, both file types are present in the same folder, only the extension differs. It is possible to toggle the main preview between RAW and external JPEG just fine, so RAW decoding as well as external JPEG detection seem to be Ok.
"Use external JPEGS as thumbnail if no internal preview present" is on. "Do not show internal JPEG if external JPEG is present" is also on.
I tried all of these and various related settings in different combinations and refreshing the thumbnails, but to no avail.
When switching off "Handle RAW+JPEG together", the RAW thumbnails are still not shown, but the JPEGS are, next to the empty RAW thumbs.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, Leica  D-LUX3 files either do not contain embedded preview, or we do not know how to extract it.

We have only single D-LUX3 sample on hand, could you please upload several samples somewhere (dropbox, google drive, WeTransfer) and send us link to that (

The 'Use external JPEGS as thumbnail if no internal preview present' option looks broken in some cases and, unfortunately, D-LUX3 is exact this case. To be fixed in next beta (today or tomorrow).

Another problem is that XMP ratings/labels are not shown for files w/o thumbnails. To be fixed too, in same new beta.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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