Judging image quality

Hi there,

I'm getting used to FastRawViewer and have to say it's really a great tool!

I've just got one quick question: The viewing quality of the rendered raws is quite bad compared to a raw processor - I assume this
the reason it is so fast and probably also the reason there are separate raw processors, which is fine.

I just wondered to what extent people are using FastRawViewer to judge the photo quality in general, for example to
avoid deleting good images. I'm not yet sure how to do this, for now I use FRV only to check over/underexposure and sharpness.
I'm unsure which information to rely on, and what cannot be checked without processing it in a raw processor - opening it in LR/PS.

Thanks a lot,

Most raw processor tools apply sharpening to processed image even if sharpening slider at 'zero'.

Also, there are many bayer processing methods with different acutance, we've opted to fastest one.

Most likely, we'll implement different bayer processing in some future update.

In current version we provide focus peaking tool to vew image sharpest zones.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks, I thought so.

I noticed I have to be very careful not to intuitively remove photos that appear very bad, but when openen in lightroom/ps are far from reject.

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