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Dear All,
I just bought this excellent viewer but please is possible to set a watch folder that is opened when FRV starts?
I send the raw files from my DSLR to iPad via wifi and with the same connection I upload the raw files from ipad to a specific folder in my NAS and I would like that FRV open this folder in automatic.
Many thanks for your help.

Preferences - File handling - start without filename - Specified folder will set startup folder if FRV is started without filename.

Also, Preferences - Removable media - Monitor folder changes on network volumes may work to automatically detect new files arrived (your NAS should send such notifications to connected computers after this monitoring is set, this may not work in all cases, it depends on your computer and NAS operating systems, network protocol used, etc).


Many thanks for your reply, works fine the first solution but before is necessary to remove the mark on "do not recall network/removable media on startup".
Thanks again.

This is bug, thank you for reporting. Specified folder should work regardless of drive type. To be fixed in 1.3.8

We fixed this bug in latest 1.3.8 Release Candidate:

Starting from 1.3.8-1043, if Start without filename is set to Specified folder than volume type check is not performed (according to app preferences pane behaviour: 'Do not recall...' hides if parameter above set to Specified folder).

Thanks for the info, very good support.

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