Color do not match

Dear All,
I opened the same raw file with FastRawViewer and Rawdigger and the color do not match. I use the AdobeRGB profile in my workflow and also in FastRawviewer but it is the same also if I set sRGB.
I tried to modify some setting in both program (both updated at the last version) but the color do not match.
I upload 2 screenshot for the evidence, please see the wood and radio panel color. The first image is in FastRawviewer, the second in Rawdigger.
If possible I would like to understand why the color do not match.
Many thanks, Toni.


Dear Sir:

The first image in your posting is missing.

RawDigger displays colour as an auxilary tool, mostly to facilitate selections and samplings.

Not knowing the programs' settings and not having screeshots that show which mode is selcted in each program, it is hard to tell more. You are welcome to upload the raw file to some file sharing service, like Google  Drive or Dropbox, and e-mail us the link, We never share any raw files unless the owner explicitly asks us to do so.

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