Culling without sidecars

Im interested in using FRV for culling images before importing them to lightroom.
But im not interested in bloating all my folders with xmp sidecars for no reason.
Is it possible to do this somehow?

Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer Preferences -> XMP section -> uncheck "Use XMP for RAW files" to disable XMP functionality altogether; or check "Read-only XMP" to use only those XMP files that already exist (written by some other program).

Thanks for your reply!
If i uncheck the box you mentioned how do i mark images in my culling process? So that i know which ones to import into lightroom later?

Dear Sir:

You can't mark them without an XMP, but you can use FastRawViewer to move/copy them to a separate folder.

I dont think it will work for my purpose then because the program somehow has to remember which ones i want to move to a different folder.
But thanks for your time, cheers! :)

Dear Sir:

You just copy or move the raw files one by one, instead of selecting them. It is a single keystroke.

You can select files through the filmstrip, leaving filmstrip visible while viewing a single file. You can copy or move the files selected this way to a separate folder later, but before you browse to a different folder with images. In the bottom bar, you can switch on the indication that the current file is selected. You can also have the total number of selected files indicated there. 

The alternatives to XMP files are both rather ugly: changing the raw file or maintaining a database.

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