Hi there!
Im new in this forum and i've some question about FASTRAW it's support EOS M6. I found a list with compatibilities, but i wanna take a decision about use this software to editing my photos. 
Here is the list:
I'm checking all different options to edit RAW files, like CAPTURE ONE, AFFINITY PHOTO, LIGTHROOM...but they isn't support this new CANON new model. 
Thanks for your time! 

Dear Sir:
FastRawViewer supports Canon EOS M6, Adobe Lightroom supports Canon EOS M6 since Lr version 6.10.

Thanks a lot! i'll check it! 

i am using Canon software, Digital Photo Pro... and my m6 raw files don't show up... my 6d raw files are showing up... help pls

What software does not display m6 raws? Is it Canon DPP or (our) FastRawViewer?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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