Not reading PhaseOne P45+ files

I have been using FastRaw Viewer since it first came out and very much like it. I am trying to go back to some older P45+ RAW files and sadly FastRaw Viewer doesn't seem to recognize them. My PhaseOne RAW files have a TIFF extension. I noticed that if I exported the RAW file from CaptureOne 10 and packed it as a eip file FastRaw Viewer will see it. Will I have to convert all my RAW TIFF files to eip files in order for FastRaw Viewer to see them? Or do I have another option? Thank you.

Dear Sir:

Please check that you've added TIFF extension to FastRawViewer - Preferences - File Handling - Additional RAW extensions field.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I thought that was the simple answer but after inputting '.TIF' and '.TIFF' (with and without the periods) the program will still not read the RAW files.

Dear Sir:

Could you please send us couple of sample files?

Dear Sir,

you need to input *.TIF  *.TIFF (with star and space between two inputs) as gray promt in input fields suggests.

Symbol case does not matter.





Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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