1:1 Zoom View on a 4k Monitor

I'm just starting out to check the functionality of FRV, but so far it seems very usefull and we will probably add it to our workflow (mainly to speed up culling after weddings).
There is just one thing I am concerned about: When using the 1:1 to check sharpness, I noticed that a square of four monitor pixels always show the same value. I checked with the manual, because I thought maybe it had to do with the bayer filter (and not calculating down to actual camera pixels). But I found nothing.
I found out that the actual image size corresponds to how it is displayed, meaning the zoom level is indeed 1:1, it is just that the pixels are displayed as an average of 4. I attached a screenshot where you can see this.
It is like this only when selecting "Image resampling method: No resampling".
Another thing I just noticed is that when jumping large steps in grid view, it is quite fast to display the first raw selected, but when I then proceed to select another file on the left side of the first raw (earlier pics) it will first proceed to render the ones after the first selected in the background, before it renders the second one selected. I can only speculate but it seems that is no priority for the thread/workitem that renders the one actually selected compared to the pre-rendering of the next few. Depending on implementation that might be an easy fix to improve responsiveness.

So I just had a look around the forum and it might really be that you group together 4 pixels to one according to the bayer filter to speed things up. I actually wonder what that does for performance on a dedicated, modern gpu. I mean you need to read the data anyways, you calculate an average brightness and color depending on those four numbers. The only step you'd need to add would be to correct the brightness of each monitor pixel depending on the actual subpixel. i think sharpness would increase considerably. The next step would of course be to add some kind of usm to the brightness channel, and i can see how that could slow it down.
On the other hand, I am using a 1080ti and the gpu usage tops at 5% when zooming or changing to another picture.
Personally, I would love to see some changes to these algorithms, but I think I can manage for the time being with screen usm and focus peaking.
Thank you very much for this nice software!

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