Unclear on best choice for "Contrast Curve" preference

FRW newbie 0.9.3      Looks like a very valuable program. Thanks for providing it.
I'm unclear what the preferred choice for "Constrast Curve" in the "Image Display" preferences.
The default is sRGB. I use ACR 8.x with color space ProPhoto. I also use LR 5.x. I have a Dell 2410 monitor with about 98% of the Adobe-98 coverage.
Based on the above, what choice for "Constrast Curve" would you suggest? Thanks.

Dear Allan,

It much depends on what your preference is in the converter. Some people work with Adobe Linear, some prefer Standard Tone.

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I suppose it doesn't really matter which "Contrast Curve" is selected. The statistics and overlays for OverExp and UnderExp will not change. Correct?
In that sense, it is different that ACR, where the choice of color space impacts what is consider "blown highlights", "blocked shadows", and out-of-gamut. Or not?
And thanks for the prompt reply.

Dear Allan,

That is correct, curves affect only the appearance of the image on the display. But for the exposure adjustment, there is a control in Preferences to switch on and off histogram shift.

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